Attract & Retain Clients & Ensure Efficiencies on Your Next Tenant Improvement Project with DrawAlert

As a Property Manager, you understand your responsibilities to your customer’s on construction projects. Your work involves tenant improvement projects which often include significant  allowances that help to renovate or retrofit a building’s space. Once the lease is signed and an allowance is agreed upon, it’s up to you on behalf of the owner that you’re protecting their interest. You have no idea who the tenant is going to hire as a general contractor, or who is doing the work. Plus, you have no visibility on who is accessing the building and who is doing the actual work.

We can also easily support you with self directed projects such as an Elevator Retrofit or Packaged Unit Replacement. In addition, our COI Tracker is provided at no additional cost which is a value-add in managing your entire vendor database.

DrawAlert, a cloud-based construction administration software, ensures risk mitigation for property managers: all processes and procedures are followed when utilizing this platform. This level of sophistication can provide a differentiation to existing and respective customers. Anyone who hires a Property Manager wants to know process sets, experience sets, and the technology used during tenant improvement projects.

With DrawAlert, Property Managers can more effectively manage tenant improvement projects and ensure:

Exactly who is accessing the building
Risk mitigation for the life of the project
The assurance that all compliance documentation is being tracked accurately

Key documentation that DrawAlert provides for Property Managers includes:  

Certificates of Insurance
Conditional and Unconditional Waivers
Warranty & Closeout documentation

DrawAlert ensures subcontractors and suppliers are being paid in a timely manner.

This ensures liens aren’t placed on the property that property managers are responsible for.


DrawAlert is providing a cost-effective solution for Property Managers to enable them to more effectively manage construction projects, no matter how big or small. Control your next project with the proper fiduciary controls in place with help from the leading owner-controlled Construction Administration Software on the market.


DrawAlert benefits Property Managers on behalf of property owners in the following ways:


Oftentimes, buildings aren’t vacant during tenant improvement projects or other upgrades. DrawAlert ensures transparency during all aspects of the project, including who’s going to be inside the building working, and at what time.



From specific insurance needs to security updates on who has visibility to a specific property, DrawAlert is your go-to source for all things security when it comes to your next project.



As a property manager, you know it can be difficult to see who is hired for a project when payments are being made to subcontractors, and more. Thanks to DrawAlert, you won’t have to worry about the lack of visibility on your next project.


Document Control

Optimize your project processes with DrawAlert thanks to help from the document management portal. Relieve liability on behalf of the building with a full tracking of collected waivers, plus more.

What do other Property Managers have to say about DrawAlert?

DrawAlert understands Property Managers. They know I’m on the hook on behalf of the owners for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and work hard to ensure that everyone gets paid in a timely and optimal way.


Senior Property Manager, Scottsdale, AZ