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Provides Alerts for
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End-to-End Document Management, Pay-Apps & Funds Control

DrawAlert is the market’s leading Construction Administration Software that supports end-to-end document management, full financial controls, and a vetted resource directory. We support all stakeholders during the lifecycle of any construction project, from small tenant improvement projects to significant ground up ventures.

Experience the Benefits of a Transparent Construction Process

Built for the industry, by industry experts, A DrawAlert Certified Project supports a transparent, professional, and respectful business relationship between all stakeholders on any given project. The robust, cloud-based platform allows all parties on a construction project to view project information at-a-glance, supporting efficiencies for all.


So, who exactly benefits from utilizing DrawAlert? All parties on a construction project. From lenders to owners, prime contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and even lien service & insurance companies, all stakeholders have appropriate access to a streamlined, efficient process supported by secure cloud based technology.

Save Time

Archaic construction methods used paper, manual input spreadsheets, and email in a time-consuming, back-and-forth process, creating headaches and wasting time. With DrawAlert, experience an average of 100 hours of administrative time savings for the owner and general contractor – on ONE mid-sized TI project.

Reduce Costs

Money in construction matters, and funding transparency is the key to lowering your costs. With DrawAlert, subcontractors know there is funding transparency on a project and are likely to offer a more aggressive bid, resulting in 1-2% cost savings from major trades.

Improve Results

A transparent business practice for all parties promotes increased productivity and team satisfaction. Thanks to DrawAlert’s draw notifications, contractors know they’re getting paid in a timely manner. With this feature, you’re able to get an ‘A Team’ of subcontractors on your projects and improve performance in the field.

Key Features of Draw Alert

Robust Project Dashboard

DrawAlert’s dashboard allows visibility on all information for all stakeholders, including key milestones, financials, and draw cycles.

Smart Document Portal

The Smart Document Portal supports virtually every document type, including contracts, plans and specs, waivers, Certificates of Insurance, and meeting notes.

Warranty Tracking with Alerts

DrawAlert maintains all warranty data and provides alerts at 60, 30, and 15 days – prior to warranty expiration for all trades and manufacturers.

Peer Rated Directory & Project Scorecard

DrawAlert’s Project Scorecard provides an unfiltered view from all stakeholders on a construction project.

Draw Notifications to All Stakeholders

DrawAlert notifies all stakeholders when a draw has been made, as well as supports prime contractor and subcontractor payment confirmation.

Standard & Tailored Reporting

DrawAlert provides 7 seven standard outputs and has the ability to tailor reports for customer needs.


DrawAlert can easily integrate with your current Accounting and Asset Management Systems for ease of use to reduce duplicate data input.


DrawAlert is configured to support projects in all 50 states and is enabled for multiple prime contractors, private commercial and local government projects.

Financial Controls

DrawAlert supports a full audit trail of the release of funds, payment confirmation at the prime contractor, subcontractor, and supplier level, and supports a complete audit trail for construction projects.