General Contractor Benefits

As the General Contractor, your job is to organize and coordinate the communication between your Client, your team, and your Subcontractors to achieve incremental steps towards project completion. DrawAlert supports you by automatically notifying all stakeholders of the payment cycle for each draw and providing a site for subcontractors to independently check the status of payments. The Contractor directory helps showcase your brand to Owners and Lenders while supporting you with access to qualified Subcontractors and suppliers to improve outcomes.

Showcases your brand to owners

Reduces overhead tied to Pre-Liens & Liens

Supports Transparent Operations

Streamlines Operations

Improves Communication with Suppliers

Access to Sub Contractor & Supplier Directory

Subcontractor Benefits

DrawAlert offers the sensible solution to those subcontractors seeking visibility to the payment cycle on every project. Funding transparency and lien security provides you with the assurance that you are dealing with top rated General Contractors that have honesty and integrity. DrawAlert is the solution that informs all stakeholders of the payment cycle for each draw and reduces the typical burden of managing the lien process. The system facilitates a standard process, provides you with performance recognition and provides a peer-rated sub-contractor directory that can assist with you being selected for additional opportunities.

Showcase your brand to General Contractors

Reduces overhead tied to Pre-Liens & Liens

Improves Payment Cycles

Reduces Cash Flow Problems

Supports Transparent Operations

Improves Communication with General Contractors